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About Us


Corrections U.S.A. (CUSA) is a not-for-profit corporation formed by correctional officers in 1998 to provide national representation to correctional officers employed by federal, state and local governments. We proudly represent over 80,000 publicly employed correctional officers from across this nation.

CUSA’s mission is to advance the correctional officer profession and serve as a national voice on issues of universal concern. CUSA educates the public, media, and elected officials, advocates for change, and provides a network of information on corrections. We work hard to improve the image of our profession and the lives and working conditions of correctional officers nationwide.

CUSA has “zero tolerance” for the privatization of federal, state, and local corrections as a matter of public safety. Organizations and individuals are not allowed to become members of CUSA if they work for a private prison company or represent private prison employees. Fighting prison privatization is CUSA’s number one priority. View CUSA’s resolution against prison privatization.

CUSA members are united in their dedication and commitment to making corrections nationwide safer, secure, efficient, and effective. We are the women and men who walk the toughest beat in the nation with the dignity, courage, commitment, and dedication necessary to keep the public safe from the criminal element.

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Executive Committee

CUSA's Executive Committee is comprised of active correctional professionals employed by the public sector.

  • Jim Baiardi, Chair of CUSA, Florida Department of Corrections
  • Roy PInto, Vice Chairman, Pennsylvania Department of Corrections
  • Todd Dunn, Treasurer, Michigan Department of Corrections
  • Joe Baumann, Secretary, California Department of Corrections
  • Mike Jimenez, Member at Large, California Department of Corrections


CUSA's Professionals

  • Buffie McFadyen, Executive Director
  • Denise A. Hanna, Administrative Assistant to the Chairman
  • Ken Kopczynski, Consultant for Corrections U.S.A. on prison privatization
  • Erik Milman, Research and Information, Washington DC
  • Richard Harcrow, Membership Chairman
  • Tim Filson, Legislative Chairman
  • Lynn Witt, Conference Organizer
  • Robert Storm, Administrative Bookkeeping
  • Yara Frost Chairwomen, Women in Corrections
  • Oliver Burns, Michigan Representative
  • James Hodge, Texas Representative
  • Southeast Web Group - Webmasters


Organizational Members

CUSA has associations members and over 80,000 publicly employed correctional officers. 






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