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"Corrections Unity Rally 2014"


Unite Rally 2014

Federal, County, and State Correctional Officers Coming Together to Have Their Voices Heard!

We must educate decision makers about the problems facing Correctional Officers, Apathy is our biggest enemy!

Date: June 16, 2014

Place: Washington DC

Time: 3:00pm.

Correctional Officers Receive CUSA Medal of Valor Award

Correctional Officers, the Unsung Heroes of Law Enforcement

(PRWEB) February 14, 2014 2014

Corrections USA Medal of Valor Awardees are:

Officer Gustavo Sanchez, Nevada Department of Corrections

Sergeant Telesa Scott Gibbs, Florida Department of Corrections

Officer Donald Rakus, Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

Officer Eric Williams, Canaan Federal Penitentiary, Wayne County, Pennsylvania

2014 Corrections USA Image Award:

Lovelock Correctional Institution, Nevada

Department of Corrections 2014 Corrections USA Professional Award:

Tim Filson, Nevada Department of Corrections

Chris Leo, New York State Department of Corrections,

Retired 2014 Corrections USA Organization Award:

NYC Correctional Officers' Benevolent Association-COBA


Four guards injured in brawl on Rikers Island


By Daniella Silva, NBC News

Four correctional officers and several inmates were injured after a late-night fight broke out at Rikers Island, New York City’s main jail complex, on Friday night.

The City of New York Department of Corrections said on Saturday that “a fight involving a number of inmates in a high custody housing unit” occurred at the George R. Vierno Center on Rikers Island.

“Department staff responded within minutes and the incident was resolved shortly thereafter,” a Department of Corrections spokesman said in a statement.

Four correctional officers were treated and released following exposure to a chemical agent. Three inmates were treated at the emergency room for non-serious injuries and then returned to the jail.

No serious injuries have been reported and the investigation is ongoing, according to the Department of Corrections.

Rikers Island includes 10 separate jail facilities and houses an average of more than 12,000 prisoners a day.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.

NOTE: Corrections USA does not approve of the word "guard" being used for Correctional Officer. It was the word the reporter used and we did not want to edit his work. We will contact them concerning their choice of words.

Causes of Officers Death


Causes of Officers Death
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California: Inspections shows major issues with out-of-state private prisons


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New York State Correction Officers stop proposed prison closures

July 2010

In these dismal fiscal times, many state governments are looking to close prisons without any notice and privatize correctional officer positions experiencing similar budget conditions as New York.

“The budget battle consumed five of the normal six month legislative session”, said NYSCOPBA Legislative Director Chris Leo. “In spite of the budget turmoil that was being reported in the press, we were able to intelligently and professionally get our concerns addressed by the Senators and members of the Assembly. The twelve year’s of relationships that we have built at the Capitol are stronger than ever and are certainly demonstrated year after year in positive legislative results. Since our 1999 inception, NYSCOPBA has sought out and achieved 35 laws that directly affect our members.”

Two laws that paid monumental dividends in 2010 were the one-year closure notification law, that NYSCOPBA had passed and signed into law in 2005, and the anti-privatization law that NYSCOPBA had delivered to Governor Pataki on four separate occasions, but all were met with veto’s. Fortunately, Governor Spitzer agreed with NYSCOPBA and signed the anti-privatization law in 2007. “Being proactive, we were able to protect our members from emotionally charged decisions made by those who do not fully understand the vital law enforcement role our members perform every day of each year”, said NYSCOPBA President Rowe.

In addition to the five (5) lobby days for our members, NYSCOPBA President Donn Rowe testified at the joint Public Protection Hearings in February and NYSCOPBA launched an aggressive ad campaign against closures, double-bunking and the excessive administration that exists within the Department of Corrections.

The combination of lobby days, existing relationships with legislators, aggressive ad campaigns and the building of a replica double-bunked cell in the Capitol led to four independent reports. Each of these four (4) reports validated NYSCOPBA’s long held claims of abundant administrators and poor management within the NYS Department of Corrections.

Reports issued by the Assembly Minority, Assembly Corrections Committee, the Comptroller, Senate Majority. These reports culminated with Legislative Director Chris Leo testifying during the Senate Task force Hearing of Government Efficiency in DOCS. Most recently, a news report looking into the excessive commissioners in DOCS was conducted along with Senator’s Klein and Savino probing Superintendents housing. Senator Klein has even recommended combining administrations at neighboring prisons as a way to save at least ten-million dollars.

“Keeping members informed about the lawmaking process is a top priority of the legislative department. Since our members work many different shifts, ALL NYSCOPBA members have the same ability to track NYSCOPBA legislation when it fits their schedule”, said Leo.

Chris Leo is the Statewide Legislative Director for NYSCOPBA

Laredo attorney is Trial Lawyer of the Year

By John MacCormack
Express-News Web
Posted: 07/21/2010 12:38 CDT

A Laredo lawyer who won a $47.5 million verdict against one of the country's largest private prison companies over the beating death of an inmate has been named the 2010 Trial Lawyer of the Year by the Public Justice Foundation. Ron Rodriguez received the award, which is bestowed annually in recognition of noteworthy legal victories in socially significant cases, last week in Canada. Four years ago, he represented the family of Gregorio de la Rosa of Laredo, who was killed in 2001, days before he would have completed a six month sentence in a privately run prison in Willacy County. At trial, Rodriguez argued that Wackenhut Correction Corp. officials condoned the fatal beating of de la Rosa by two other inmates, which was similar to other assaults at the prison. In 2009, the verdict was upheld on appeal.

TN DOC Correctional Officer Stabbed in Serious Condition

Situation: Corrections Officer Stabbed

Time of Report- - 07.14.10 - 10:35:05 hrs EST

A correctional officer was stabbed by an inmate at Riverbend Maximum Security prison Tuesday night. It happened around 8 p.m. at the prison on Cockrill Bend Boulevard in West Nashville.
The correctional officer was taken to the hospital. He was alert when he was transported however it has been confirmed by hospital and department staff that the CO was in serious condition.
TDOC has not confirmed what kind of weapon was used but it was most likely a "shank".
Inmate suspected of the attack was placed into ADSEG while an internal investigation was being conducted.

Riverbend Maximum Security Institution (RMSI) opened in 1989 and replaced its 100 year-old neighbor, the Tennessee State Penitentiary. Even today, it's billed as one of the state's most high-tech facilities. RMSI, which is made up of 20 different buildings with approximately 320,000 square feet of operating space, sits on 132 acres located off Cockrill Bend Boulevard. Riverbend's designated capacity is 714 offenders. Of that number, 480 are classified as high risk.

In addition to housing the majority of the state's male death row inmates, Riverbend is also home to approximately 600 maximum and medium security inmates. The overall mission of the institution is to house and manage high-risk male offenders, including those sentenced to death, to ensure the safety of the public, departmental employees and inmates while providing rehabilitative programs.

Source: CORSPECOPS.Com | P.O. Box 5445 | Williamsburg | VA | 23188


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    There are no accurate statistics on the number of correctional officers assaulted by inmates. Some Department of Corrections do not keep records and others under-report. Correctional officers are routinely gassed, assaulted, injured, and sometimes killed in the line of duty.

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